• Signs Your Car Tyres Need Replacing

    10/03/2020 - Motasoft Administrator
    Signs Your Car Tyres Need Replacing Many drivers forget about looking after their car tyres until they are checked during an MOT test - but as your vehicles only contact with the road it’s crucial that they are in good working condition so you can steer, break and control your car safely. Alarmingl...

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  • From MOTs To Car Service Centres: The History of Automotive Safety

    10/03/2020 - Motasoft Administrator
    From MOTs To Car Service Centres: The History of Automotive Safety With around 38.7 million licenced vehicles on UK roads today, it’s safe to say us Brits are pretty reliant on our cars. Whether it’s getting to and from work every day or ferrying the kids around, the UK public has been enamoured wi...

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  • Tips for Preparing for a Long Road Trip

    10/03/2020 - Motasoft Administrator
    Tips for Preparing for a Long Road Trip Whether you’re off on a fun road trip, you’re visiting family across the country or you’re travelling somewhere for a mini break, it’s important that you prepare for a long road trip in advance. Not only do you need to make sure that you’ve packed everything ...

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  • Top Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean

    10/03/2020 - Motasoft Administrator
    Top Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle it’s easy for things to get a little unclean inside and outside the car. From sticky finger marks to muddy footprints, letting your car become untidy will make your drive more uncomfortable whether you’re driving or a pa...

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