Handy Car Accessories That Every Driver Needs

10 March 2020 / Motasoft Administrator

Handy Car Accessories That Every Driver Needs 

The market today is full of handy accessories for all moments in life, including time spent in your car, daily commutes, road trips or just nipping to the shop can be made just that little bit easier by adding some of these gadgets to your vehicle.

Read on for our top accessories that we believe every driver needs.

Aux cable

Long journeys or short, being stuck in traffic is not enjoyable, especially without anything to listen to. Of course, the radio is there for your own enjoyment, but nothing beats singing along to your favorite playlist. Alternatively, set up a podcast before you drive off and tune in to your next episode. The accessory you need for this is a car Aux cable, this will connect your phone to your car’s speaker, so you can listen at the right volume.

Phone mount

Although UK law states that you cannot use a hand-held device whilst driving, using Bluetooth or hands-free is less clear-cut. You may, for example, be using your mobile to help navigate or to check the time, and since holding it is against the law you’ll need a phone mount. Mounts that attach to your car’s air vent via a magnet, are easy to use and will not obstruct your view.


Going on a road trip? It can be nerve wracking driving to a new location, even if it’s in your city. A satnav is a good investment for years to come - you never know when you might need to travel to somewhere you’ve never been. This will make you more confident when driving and will prevent any driving mishaps such as getting lost.

Dash cam

Car accidents often happen when you least expect it, and if your car gets damaged in an incident that wasn’t your fault, you could be faced with excess costs. However, dash cams work by capturing everything that’s on the road in front of you, so if a car dangerously pulls out for example, or late braking causes you to accidentally bump a vehicle, you can use your recorded footage as evidence to your insurer. This will reduce your chances of liability and prevent your insurance premiums from being increased.

Rubbish bin

Snack wrappers, old tissues and crisp packets can make your car look untidy and smelly - not pleasant for you or your passengers. Make sure you have a bag for all rubbish or purchase a sturdy waste container that can hang on the back of your seat or on the inside of the door. That way you have no excuse not to keep your car clean!

Having a reliable garage to go to, will give you peace of mind that your vehicle is in good hands. Here at St Albans Car Clinic, our trained mechanics will make sure your car is road safe, fault-free and ready to go. Contact us for more information about our services,

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