Top Winter Driving Tips

10 March 2020 / Motasoft Administrator

Top Winter Driving Tips

As the temperature drops, the nights draw in and the roads get icy, it’s important that you take care when driving through the winter season. The changing weather conditions create different hazards and road conditions, but with a little more care and preparation driving in the winter will be a breeze. 

Read on to learn about our top tips.

Get prepared

Winter is probably the season that can have the biggest effect on your car’s performance, so it’s important that you’ve kept up with regular services and your MOT. Many garages offer winter checks that ensure your tyres, battery, wipers, bulbs and much much are in good working condition. Not having your vehicle looked at by a professional means underlying problems could go unmissed, later cropping up in a more serious form.

De-ice your windscreen

There’s nothing worse than having to de-ice your windscreen before you set off, however, it’s one of the most important things that you need to do. Start your engine and turn on your heaters to warm up the car and melt the ice. You can then remove the ice with a scraper or de-icer spray, but never pour boiling water directly on to your windows. Failure to clear your windscreen properly can be very dangerous and could lead to a serious road accident.

Drive slowly

During the winter it starts to get darker a lot early and this can affect your visibility on the road. Of course, always keep your headlights on when necessary and adjust your speed especially if the roads are icy or snowy - this will give you enough time to react to hazards and maneuver corners safely. You should also maintain a safe gap behind the vehicle in front in case you need to suddenly stop, as stopping distances are double the amount when the roads are wet.

Here at St Albans Car Clinic, we can prepare your car so it’s ready to face winter. From MOTs to servicing and repairs, our professional and experienced team are on hand to help. Get in touch today for more information.

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