Signs Your Car Tyres Need Replacing

10 March 2020 / Motasoft Administrator

Signs Your Car Tyres Need Replacing

Many drivers forget about looking after their car tyres until they are checked during an MOT test - but as your vehicles only contact with the road it’s crucial that they are in good working condition so you can steer, break and control your car safely. Alarmingly, previous government figures revealed tyre defects are the second most common reason for MOT failures, with nearly 2.2 million drivers failing their test in 2016 as a result of illegal, defective or dangerous tyre conditions. However, with the right knowledge there are a few simple things you can look out for to keep your tyres performing well.

Carry on reading for a brief overview of how to keep your tyres in good nick to ensure you’re driving safely.

Tread depth

Tread depth refers to the depth of the main groove that runs across the circumference of the tyres, from new this will be around 7mm with a legal limit of 1.6mm. You can keep an eye on this by conducting a simple test using a 20p coin, simply insert the coin into the tread groove and if you can see the outer border of the coin this indicates that your tyres may be unsafe. The lower your tyre’s tread depth the lower their grip on the road is meaning braking distances and overall handling of your vehicle starts to become dangerous.


Some vibrations are normal while driving, however, excessive amounts may be an indicator that there is a balancing issue. While this may not mean that your tyres need to be changed, the cause of the vibrations can have an effect on the condition of your tyres and how well they work.

Visible damage

The most obvious sign that your tyres need changing is visible damage such as bulges, cracks and cuts - over time this will continue to weaken your tyres which could lead to a sudden burst. Damage can also occur by driving over debris and stray objects in the road leading to a slow puncture. Don’t settle for a quick-fix when fixing a puncture, although a professional mechanic may be able to solve the problem without a complete tyre change the safest option is to have a new tyres fitted.

If you’re looking trusted garage that can supply and fit new tyres on your vehicle, then St Albans Car Clinic is the place to go. Based in St Albans, our expert team will assess the condition of your tyres with same-day fitting if needed getting you back on the road in no time. For more information or to book an appointment get in touch today.

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